Body Scrub

Body Scrub

Body scrubs are a great way of eliminating toxins and dead skin from our bodies. The moisturizing properties of a body scrub can be really beneficial for any type of skin. A regular scrubbing of skin at least 5 times a week have shown to reveal a brighter skin after 8 weeks. This also increases the chances of getting rid of any unwanted dirt.

The oils contained in our body scrubs are compatible with any type of skin. Remember your skin is never moisturized enough. Even in oily skins these oils will work well if used correctly.

We are constantly using cleansers, soaps, chemical products that definitely impact on our normal skin balance. Any product that contains chemical preservatives is good for our body. Luckily we can make use of our natural resources to clean our skin and get rid of unwanted dead cells to get a great looking, healthy, and moisturized skin. Our bodies naturally produce their own oil to keep a balance in the skin moisture. Once we start adding medications, hormones, or any other chemical to our bodies this balance gets disrupted. It is necessary to give the skin the right oils to collaborate with that balance in a natural way. The use of more chemical products that contain artificial and chemical preservative does not good to that balance. This might also impact the way our body responds to any situation and treatment.

The body scrubs of Fertility Spa have been carefully designed with the right oils to meet the criteria needed for the body to get the right moisture and balance on the skin. The continuous and correct use of the scrubs will allow the results to get noticed almost immediately.

Fertility Spa currently has body scrubs that apart of using base oils for any type of skin, also have essential fragrance oils to provide the whole aromatherapy experience.

Our body scrubs have been created using sugar as a natural exfoliant. Sugar is soft and gentle on the skin, especially if the skin feels irritated and sensitive by the use of hormones. It is suitable for all skin types and conditions. Sugar granules also contain glycolic acid, which helps to protect skin against harmful toxins.

Another essential component of our body scrubs is Argan oil. This oil is a rich source of vitamin E. Several studies indicate Argan oil can prevent prostate cancer, lower cholesterol, and prevent or reverse various diseases. When used on the skin it has both healing and anti-aging properties, together with the great moisturizing property.

The body scrubs available are:

Coconut with Argan oil body scrub

Cinnamon and Lime with Argan oil body scrub

Vanilla and Ginger with Argan oil body scrub

Chocolate and Almond with Argan oil body scrub

Peppermint and Tea Tree with Argan oil body scrub