Body Cream

body cream

Organic Body creams

It is essential to provide our skin with moisture, especially in situations when our body is exposed to medications, hormones, and treatments that are affecting the balance in our body.

Body creams should be used daily, to provide that moisture and healthy look.

During fertility treatments, and during any other clinical treatment that exposes the body to medications, drugs, and hormones, our skin disrupts the natural and normal balance; the skin becomes prone to more infections, aging, dryness, inflammation, and pore clogging.

Our body cream has a great property of providing hydration and healing to the skin during and after those treatments.

These body creams are organic and 100% natural. Made with the best ingredients to provide what the skin really needs, and to avoid any interference with the process of our bodies to prepare for the fertility procedure.

One of the main ingredients is Argan oil, also known as “liquid gold”. This oil has several amazing properties in preventing diseases, antioxidant and anti-aging, and nourishing of the skin to look radiant and glowing.

Fertility Spa body creams come in two lovely presentations and essential fragrance:

Mango and Papaya with Argan oil body cream

Honey and Almond with Argan oil body cream

“When I had my several fertility treatments, I was constantly looking for a product that could help me to protect my skin and keep it moisturized at all times. It was frustrating to find that any product was made according to what I really needed, and would also be innocuous and safe to use during my clinical treatment. It was hard and sometimes desperate to see my skin so dry and lifeless, because the creams I was used to put on contained chemical preservatives that could impact in my final outcome”

“One day I just decided to go to Barnes and Nobles and check for books related to “how to make your own homemade products”. I got many books and started to read them all. I was amazed to find out there were so many natural ingredients out there that mixed together could do magic for me and others undergoing the same as me. There was anything in the marked dedicated to personal care for fertility patients. I guess the standards of fertility doctors and clinics related to the use of any chemical product discourage people or companies to create a product. I took the chance and created my own product to use it myself. It worked so well that I gave it to other patients. They loved it. More patients asked for it. I could not stop making them because people really liked it. And the use of the products did not seem to affect their treatments and outcomes. They could use them even to go to the clinic”

“I am pleased to know the products were successful, and I decided to continue offering them to patients undergoing fertility treatments, and also any other patients. A good friend of mine with Cancer used them too, and he loved them. The Arnica Salve alleviated his cancer symptoms greatly. They seem to work with anybody. I guess the reason is because they are so naturally based that the ingredients work together within our system in conjunction with their own properties of healing”. Dr. Lucy Coleman’s testimony.