About Fertility Spa

Fertility Spa was born as the idea of complementing the amazing path of fertility with our bodies, and the need to use products that will offer alleviation for the few symptoms that will appear during and after the use of the hormones. Among the many benefits of these products one of the main ones is the stress relieving; this stress that arises when a patient undergo any fertility procedure.

We work with very high standards to provide organic, 100% natural products that will work alongside your body. These products come from the design of Dr. Lucy Coleman, specialist in Human Reproduction and Embryology. She designed each one of the formulations used in our products to make sure they comply with the needs of every patient, and also they can be safely used during the fertility treatment, without interfering with the mechanism of action of the hormones or affecting any results.

Dr. Coleman had to go through several attempts of high complexity procedures. For her these procedures were complex and unexpected. She developed several secondary effects after the first attempts. She started looking for some ways to feel better, anything to alleviate her symptoms and the stress caused by the pressure of last minute decisions and outcomes. She could not find anything in the market targeted to fertility, or anything so natural that would not interfere the procedure. As a fertility specialist she was aware of the many implications of using chemicals or any preservative products with the gamete quality and the embryo development. Using these criteria she started seeking for anything useful during her treatment without success. There was anything in the market that could comply with the many strict regulations in fertility. Patients are usually advised not to use any product that can interfere with the procedure, and most times they end up not using anything at all, not even deodorants.

That is when the idea of creating anything herself came into life. She decided to create her own lotions, deodorants, creams, oils, salts, scrubs, salves, serums, and body wash that were 100% natural according to her needs, without interfering with the treatment or the future outcome. She was aware there are many natural products provided by nature that processed, treated, and mixed correctly could many a great end product. She carefully studied every single ingredient and its many benefits, and created the recipes for every single one of the products offered in Fertility Spa.

“It was ingenious for me to create my own products, and to be able to use them with so much confidence. Being a fertility specialist myself made me be more strict, and getting the right formula gave me the confidence to keep trying to make something even better” – Dr. Lucy Coleman.

Dr. Coleman started using her own products and her own patients requested to try them too. She carried out validations and studied if there were any side effects for their use either in the embryology laboratory, and the patient’s outcome. They seemed to be innocuous and safe.

More patient’s kept requesting the products, and their feedback was great.

– “I felt immediate alleviation of my side effects, specially the inflammation of the joints”.

– “It was great to have something that smell so nice and gave me peace during these crazy procedures”.

– “I loved the feeling of smoothness on my skin, and the smell together with the relaxation of my body was really good”.

– “I am so pleased to have found something specially designed for fertility patients, as I am always scared of wearing anything inappropriate or dangerous for my future baby”.

– “ If could eat the body scrub I am sure it will be safe. These products are really organic and natural, no preservatives”.

– “A product for fertility? Finally somebody thought about it!”

– “My wife and I keep using the arnica salve for everything now, even when we had out fertility procedure 5 months ago”.

– “I was a bit skeptical at the beginning as everything I bought for the inflammation of my legs with the use of the hormones was becoming frustrating. Once I started using the arnica salve the unpleasant feeling went away, and I could not stop using it”.

– “The oils are amazing. I use them everyday after showers and my body feels relaxed and soft. I will keep using them forever”.

– “I enjoy being able to get my best friend the gift bag before her treatment, as she is making a really good use to the products during her fertility procedure. I am happy to help her”.

– “The bath salts and body wash are so great and smell so nice that I enjoy having bath again”.

– “I was really stressed out the day before our fertility procedure, my wife gave me a nice massage with the relaxing oil. Next day my sperm sample was amazing, and I felt very confident and calm”.

– “While waiting for my consultations and several ultrasound scans I enjoyed the smell of the concentrated oil as relieved all my tension”

– “I think everyone undergoing a fertility treatment should have these products”

– “These products gave me so much confidence, and I felt relaxed”

People sometimes do not realized what others are going through. Having a fertility procedure, or any other procedure related with infertility it could be tough, challenging, and even life changing. Not everyone understands what is involved, and the amount of information one has to grasp in just a few days. The expectations can be huge, and the outcome depends greatly upon ourselves. We have a strong component to the outcome because our body reacts and behave according to our feelings. If we are happy and confident our body is going to behave healthy and responsive; instead if we are scared, frightened, stressed, filled with doubt, our body will react in a negative way, and this will affect the development of good quality gametes to be used during the fertility procedure.

The products are completely safe, non-toxic, organic – natural, and provide confidence and safety to patients to use them before, during, and after their fertility procedure.

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Note: it is important to mention Fertility Spa does not claim these products have medical implications or outcomes. The products do not increase or decrease the sperm parameters, nor the egg quality, nor the embryo development, nor the implantation rate or life birth. The products do not prevent side effects caused by medications or hormones. The products have no medical/clinic effects during any step of the fertility procedure. These products derivate from natural components. No chemical preservatives are used. Fertility Spa is 100% animal friendly and do not consent the testing of products using animals.